Photography Learning

Learning photography is definietely about the journey! At times it can be a confusing one with multiple settings, buttons, dials, switches and more! Questions come up such as what is ISO, when should I use shutter priority, what is white balance, how do I spot meter, should shoot in RAW, TIFF or JPG, how should I hold my camera??? ...and so on!

I am slowly rolling out options for helping you clear up the confusion via a number of channels below. Schedules are in production now but in the meantime, please let me know what interests you and I'll email you event meeting place, stuff to bring, time and price!

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Photo Walks

Photo walks are a great way to begin to see the beauty and capture-opportunities of a local area. In a small group we will wander at our own pace, photographing what we see. I will also be providing on-the-spot guidence on basic camera settings, compositon and light as needed to help you understand how to get that shot you want.

Post walk, we will also have an optional pixel share party for display, boasting and critique!

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Photography classrooms

These sessions start in the classroom and contain a number of live shoots to test your new found knowledge. You won't be sitting down for long :) Choose a course that best suits from:

  • Get to know your SLR Camera
  • Be a Better Photographer
  • Wedding Celebrations
  • Travel and Culture
Guided Photo Travel Tours


Online self-paced training