The Lamborghini Club UAE calendar


Being a member of the Lamborghini Club UAE has given me access to some of the most beautiful super sports cars in the world. This project took us to 12 diverse UAE locations. See DESK and WALL types. Contact me for pricing and orders.

Presenting the sublime Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder


The opportunity to experience and photograph a vehicle like this has the ability to take you somewhere different, unknown, exciting. It's moments of emotion like these that I crave, not only through the beauty of the subject, but in everything I shoot. more ›

Non-official Ferrari shoot


Through the UAE Ferrari Club in Dubai I was given access to so many beautiful Ferraris! Here are a few from photographing these magnificent machines out and about over two long wonderful days! Such fun :) more ›

Women, Beautiful in their Culture


At the request of a US publication house, I embarked a portraiture assignment, caturing women in their natural environment and culture. A great not-for-profit project... thank-you to all my beautiful models :)

Smoke and Light


I joined Singapore photographers in a temporary studio to photograph incense smoke. It was a new subject for most of us but I was able to capture and complie a number of images designs making up my Smoke and Light colelction. more ›

Thaipusam Festivals


Thaipusam is an annual festival celebrated by Hindu devotees who carry heavy offerings of 'kavadi' and pierce their skin to show devotion to their God. Traditionally performed by the Tamil community, I have covered the festivals in both Singapore and Malaysia. more ›