With Words...

October 2014

Home on Diwali, the festival of light
My candles' flame struggles in the dark of night.
Missing the warmth of her light so bright,
So far away and out of my sight.

September 2014

Over the darkening Tuscan hills I look to you
Knowing where you are but unable to reach you
A crescent moon hangs alone, glowing and high
Giving a warm feeling of knowing we are under the same sky
This connection holds strong and helps me belong
To a future dreamt, of you and me, all along.

September 2014

Awakened now I look for you
Fierce like a lion I will protect
I am open, my glass is empty
Craving the wine poured from your heart

September 2014

Beyond the field of wrong doing I walk alone
Uncertainty and doubt I leave behind
In the long grass a tiger hides
In our new field, it is you looking for me

September 2014

Still within you I search for the path
Carefully I tread, stopping what can tear us apart
Night envelopes vines yet I see the spark
Relentlessly I fight for us through the dark.

Away from myself I run
Scratching through vineyards, the days light is near done
...Seconds count!
The shimmering moon sliver brightens
Guiding the way back to you and a heart lightened.

August 2014

Sitting here on a table for four
Jazz sounds float on air
In company I keep looking to the door
For the one in the world that I most lovingly care.

July 2014

This is me now, this is new.
I am all about action and changing for me and you.
To be a great husband, I put you first.
Just like I did in our very first verse.
A husband who listens without judging,
Who acts on positive cause without budging.
The husband you dream about, is trying to show you,
How I love you unconditionally, for life all the way through.

January 2014

Emotions are funny things. They can pick us up or break us, turn us upside down and shake us all apart. I have found that without direction, a guiding light, a North Star, these emotions will erratically rule your life. We humans are emotional beings. It helps if we have a general direction. Something that we can see and feel. Something we can touch. Feel the warmth. Let it take your mind back to your goal. This will help keep you on the path. This light can also be a person like a partner, a mentor, a lover. It can also be a goal or an aspiration. Whatever you want it to be. As long as it guides you.

For me, I didn't understand the concept of a North Star until I met my wife. She put me and brought me through some of the most difficult times of my life. Yet with my North Star, i emerged from the darkness into the light. I love my wife. She is the aspiration of love. It may sound corny but when you think about, I believe this state is the closest we will get to life harmony. You might have a different belief.

Emotional battles are truly won and lost within yourself. I still fight this every day. However this is just one opinion. I am not saying that all single people are misguided! What I am saying is find your light. Let it guide you through the ebbs and flows of your life.